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About VUE

Advantech unveils its new VUE series, a touch display product line specifically aimed at industrial touch display applications. The name VUE has a French origin meaning “to see”. Designed to meet the needs of industrial clients, VUE solutions make it easier than ever to integrate into industrial applications and incorporate touch functionality and robust industrial-grade features.

Why Advantech VUE?

  • Value
    Unlike consumer products, Advantech VUE series are made with robust components and industrial-grade materials with excellent longevity support.
  • Unified Design
    Unified Design
    Advantech VUE series feature multiple I/O with unified design to fulfill diverse applications.
  • Unified Design
    Advantech VUE series offer a fast ready-to-ship turnkey solution to help improve efficiency.

Product Offering

VUE-2000 Panel Mount Monitor

Advantech’s VUE-2000 series feature high-sensitivity PCAP touchscreens for gloved operations and CS10V capabilities for noise defense. They incorporate ruggedized vibration-resistant IK07 and IK08 certified designs with multiple I/O. VUE series support panel and VESA mount and has additional screw holes for diverse peripheral requirements.

  • IK08 impact protection

    IK08 impact protection

  • Multiple I/O

    Multiple I/O

  • Easy expansion for peripheral devices

    Easy expansion for peripheral devices

  • CS10V capability for noise defense

    CS10V capability for noise defense

  • IP65 rated front panel

    IP65 rated front panel


Adaptable Design Fulfills Diverse Retail Demands

Advantech VUE-2000 supports landscape/portrait mode and convenient extension. It features built-in VGA/HDMI/DVI/DP/USB 3.0 ports to increase adaptability. This solution accommodates applications in KIOSKs, eMenu boards, self-service machines, interactive product information systems, and facial recognition.

  • VUE-2101-WX50PX-A4


    10.1" Panel Mount with PCAP Touchscreen

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  • VUE-2156-FD45PX-N4


    15.6" Panel Mount with PCAP Touchscreen

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  • VUE-2238-FD35PX-N4


    23.8" Panel Mount with PCAP Touchscreen

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VUE-3000 Medical Monitors

Advantech’s VUE-3000 series boasts EN60601-1 and UL60601-1 certifications. This series of 21.5” and 27” medical grade and digital mammography monitors deliver accurate images for clinical review and diagnostics in hospitals.

  • DICOM image performance

    DICOM image performance

  • Multiple I/O

    Multiple I/O

  • Portrait and landscape modes

    Portrait and landscape modes

  • CS10V capability for noise defense

    CS10V capability for noise defense

  • Anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint

    Anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint


DICOM Supported Touch Monitor for Medical Applications

Advantech VUE-3000 series is designed with Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) technology. This series delivers anti-reflection/fingerprint capabilities and remote diagnostics/interpretation via PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), OCT system, ultrasound, and dialysis machines.

  • VUE-3215-FD25PX-N5


    21.5" Full HD PCAP Medical-Grade Touch Monitor with DICOM in White

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  • VUE-3270-FD30PX-A5


    27" Full HD PCAP Medical-Grade Touch Monitor with DICOM in White

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VUE-5000 Digital Signage and Video Walls

The VUE-5000 series includes non-touch, PCAP touch, and IR touch solutions. It features high image quality with IPS, has an elegant design with a narrow bezel, and accepts 90 ~ 144VDC power input based on AC power design.

  • AC+DC power input design

    AC+DC power input design

  • SDM slot

    SDM slot

  • Portrait and landscape modes

    Portrait and landscape modes

  • Wide temp. operation

    Operation hours

  • Power saving capabilities

    Power saving capabilities


Intelligent Factory with Real-Time Command Center Signage

Advantech’s command center solution provides efficient overviews, intelligent interactive dashboards, and equipment status updates to enable remote monitoring and control. It utilizes intelligent management to keep factory owners informed in real-time. Advantech’s solution visualizes big data to help you optimize management efficiency.

  • VUE-5860-UD41SX-L0


    Advantech 86" UHD Digital Signage

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  • VUE-5550-FD45SX-L0


    Advantech 55" FHD Digital Signage

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  • VUE-5550-FD45IX-L0


    Advantech 55" FHD IR Touch Digital Signage

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