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Proflat IDP31

Advantech Proflat IDP31 series provides 100% flat glass front touch monitors suitable for medical, point-of-sale/information and more. The flat monitors allow easy cleaning and maintenance with metal chassis design which enables a rugged and stable platform for the widest range of applications.
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15.6" HD IP65 touch monitor w/ PCAP
  1. Multiple signal interface with HDMI, VGA and DVI
  2. Multi-touch by projected capacitive touchscreen solution
  3. Built-in speakers (optional)
  4. Thin profile, light enclosure - no need for additional enclosures or metalwork
  5. True flat surface - contemporary Proflat style
  6. Brightness at 450/500 nits (before the touch glass)
  7. Wide range operating temperature support
  8. 15.6" LCD panel with LED backlight for long service life
  9. IP rated front panel design


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