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Edge Intelligence Server

Edge Intelligence Server(EIS) accelerates IoT implementation by providing integrated solutions and software modules that enable IoT connectivity, data manageability and analytics from edge computing to cloud.
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Intel Core i5-1145G7E, w/16G RAM,64G SSD, ADP
  1. Intel 11th gen. Core i5/i3/Celeron
  2. Pre-installed Edge X with data acquisition API
  3. Pre-installed WISE-DeviceOn for device management and remote control
  4. 8/16 GB Dual-Channel DDR4 Memory Built-in
  5. 64 GB SATA Slim SSD Built-in
  6. 4K HDMI and DP 1.4 Dual Display
  7. Compatible with optional VEGA-330 AI Module supported by Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU
  8. Intel VNNI support for AI and deep learning


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EIS-D150 with WISE-DeviceOn EI system
  1. Integrated hardware and software aids edge-to-cloud application development
  2. Preconfigured system: High-performance computing powered by 6th Generation Intel® Core™ U-series i5, WES7E/Win 10 with 4 GB RAM, 64 GB SSD
  3. Pre-integrated WISE-PaaS software package: WISE-DeviceOn, WebAccess/SCADA,
  4. Preconfigured Microsoft Azure service: Device management package/data intelligence package (optional)
  5. Comprehensive developer tools and documents: Node-RED dataflow logic designer, dashboard builder, protocol plug-in SDK, and configuration tools


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EI-A230 - Advantech Edge Cloud Solution
  1. Integrated hardware plus software for back-end data service and light private cloud
  2. Pre-configured system: Intel Xeon, Ubuntu OS with 32GB RAM/ 512GB mSATA SSD
  3. Open and Standard structure: kubernetes Built-in, Multiple DB Connections, On-demand Microservices
  4. Integrated IoT Software: Private Cloud Deployment, Platform Management, Application Integration
  5. Application integration: WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn, Grafana, Prometheus, Kubeapps, Kubernetes Dashboard
  6. Sustainable Management: Condition Monitor, Load Balance, Self-Healing
  7. WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn inside for IoT Device Operation Management


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Ei-U220 PoE w/Advantech Raspberry Pi 4 Raspbian
  1. Protect your Raspberry Pi device from dust and temperature extremes.
  2. Industrial-grade gateway kit provides Raspberry Pi-ready solutions for rapid prototyping.
  3. Designed for Raspberry Pi single-board computers - Develop unique IoT applications
  4. UNO-220 industrial-grade chassis transforms RPi 4 into a ruggedized gateway for shopfloor environment
  5. Industrial grade I/O board for RS-232/485 and GPIO extension
  6. Build IoT Applications with the UNO-220 Industrial Kit for Raspberry Pi 4
  7. Provide optimum protection for Raspberry Pi and 2 years warranty


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