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EI-U220 Industrial Raspberry Pi 4 Gateway Kit with 1 x RS-232/485, 4 x GPIO, 8 GB SD Card, and AdvRaspbian OS

  1. Automation kit featuring an industrial-grade I/O board for creating RPi-based IoT systems
  2. Industrial grade I/O board utilizing RS-232/485 and GPIO for flexible expansion
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Build IoT Prototypes Rapidly
with Ei-U220 Raspberry Pi-ready Industrial Gateway Kit

Designed for customers that use Raspberry Pi single board computers (SBCs) for developing unique IoT applications, Advantech's Ei-U220 is an affordable industrial-grade chassis featuring a micro SD card with OS image and Raspberry Pi HAT I/O board for convenient installation. With plug-and-play support for RPi 4, Ei-U220 provides the ideal Raspberry Pi-ready solution for rapid prototyping and mass deployment.

What are Hat and Enclosure?
I/O board
  • Raspberry Pi not included but easily installed
  • Pi HAT (I/O board)
    - 4 x GPIO
    - 1 x RS232/485
    - 8G SD card with OS image
  • High-quality housing made from durable 1.5 mm aluminum
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi4 SBCs
  • Provides optimum protection for Raspberry Pi
  • Improved heat dissipation
  • Easy-access I/O for convenient maintenance
  • ESD protection
Feature Highlights
Industrial Grade for Rpi-based IoT Solution

The Raspberry Pi HAT I/O board offers four additional GPIO and one RS-232/485 serial port for integrating external sensors, devices, or controllers for flexible expansion.

Open Source IoT Solution

The Ei-U220 chassis is preloaded with the open-source Raspbian® OS and related application software for easy integration and deployment.

Battery-backed RTC (Real Time Clock) Chip for Keeping the Track of Time

The inclusion of an RTC chip with battery ensures the configuration and time settings are retained even when the system is powered off, making it suitable for industrial applications.




Unit: mm
Ei-U220 Series
Inside the Box
I/O Interface
Serial Ports
1 x RS-232/485 (Terminal Block)
Ingress Protection
Relative Humidity
10~95% RH (non-condensing)
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