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Real-time Data Monitoring Solution for Factory Intelligence and Smart Manufacturing

Factory operations are faced with the problem of accurate data collection from geographically distributed equipment, which they need for condition remote monitoring in real time and for further big data analysis and preventative maintenance. To meet these challenges, Advantech offers a variety of integrated edge to cloud solutions for factory facility management.

The Biggest Pain Points for Factory Facility Management

Difficult Assets & Equipment Management

Our Solutions

  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Improve OEE statistics
  • Enhance local alarm system

Inefficient Utility Management

Our Solutions

  • Reduce water / gas / power consumption by real-time monitoring
  • Enhance alarm and notification system

Ineffective Process Control

Our Solutions

  • Reduce costs by optimizing production process
  • Provide comprehensive monitoring
  • Plan corrective maintenance

Restricted to On-site Inspection

Our Solutions

  • Reduce on-site visits by monitoring remotely
  • Save working time by using dashboard for data visualization
  • Set up a utility benchmarking plan

Factory Remote Facility Management Application Scenarios

Remote HVAC Monitoring System

HVAC monitoring plays a key role in facility management as it’s a major contributor to the maintenance and energy consumption expenses of a company. We know its importance; therefore, we offer the solution to track the energy consumption and performance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit to prevent failures and inefficiencies.

Machine Remote Management and Maintenance

Advantech helps transform factories by building intelligent machines with process visualization and remote monitoring to ensure efficient production. ECU-1051 gateway does cloud data transformation and optimization and EKI-2525 Ethernet switch uploads data to the cloud. Its user-friendly management panel makes management simpler. WISE-InsightAPM/VPN helps customers connect data, equipment, and network systems to the cloud. Simply click on the visual management page to create VPN server and client credentials.

Demo Video

Condition-Based Preventive Maintenance

Advantech LoRaWAN I/O modules and sensors play key roles in preventive maintenance as they supports continuous data collection and condition monitoring. By integrating with WISE-DataConnect, Advantech solution gives an overview of facility performance through WISE-PaaS or other third-party visualization dashboards. Consolidating key indicators and producing insight reports, assists engineers in analyzing abnormal conditions, and helps owners in data-driven decision making.

HVAC System Monitoring Solution

Advantech provides a solution to monitor HVAC systems. HVAC data is collected by the ADAM-6000 series. ADAM-6017 IoT Ethernet Remote I/O module obtains flow rates, pressure, and temperature data. The ADAM-6051 module activates and monitors the digital signals like alarms and tower light status. The ADAM modules are connected by an EKI-2525 industrial grade switch that sends data to the control room via WebAccess/SCADA and Advantech’s WISE-DataConnect, which provides the overall management and control for the HVAC system.

Smart Meter Monitoring

We know how meters are indispensable for collecting and managing data in many acquisition locations. From the moment power enters in your factory, Advantech smart meter monitoring solution will take care of monitoring, analyzing, measuring and controlling to ensure your distribution system efficiency improve your equipment productivity and life, and further to reduce cost and increase profile.

Transmitting Critical Data from Factory Assets to IoT Systems

To connect key factory assets in manufacturing systems to an industrial IoT system, ADAM-6700 Node-RED I/O gateway is the perfect solution which enables data collection, analysis, transmission and visualization. Alarms, signal towers, and key machine status / parameters can easily be acquired remotely so users can visualize the data on the ADAM-6700 Node-RED built-in dashboard and take immediate actions. Data can be configured with Node-RED, and transmitted to databases, and SCADA/MES in the cloud.

Demo Video

Build Digitized Factories and Adopt Transparent Information Management

With the help of a digitized factory information management solution from Advantech, data collection and hardware I/O modules are used to collect information of on-site equipment, and external signals using Ethernet switches and Wi-Fi Apps. Visualized management dashboards use industrial tablets equipped with the Advantech software WebAccess to get an instant overview of all operations.

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Advantech Industrial Remote Facility Management Solutions

Advantech’s factory remote facility solutions provide a wide range of products for manufacturers to accelerate the implementation of smart manufacturing.

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Product Offerings

I/O Modules and Connectivity Solutions Collects geographically distributed data

Intelligent I/O Gateway


OPC UA Ethernet I/O Module


RS-485 I/O Module


Modbus RTU


Industrial Wi-Fi AP


PoE Injector


LoRaWAN I/O Module


LoRaWAN Vibration Sensor


Edge Gateway Solutions Provides secure and reliable data transmission

Modbus Gateway


Serial Device Server


LoRaWAN Gateway


Communication Gateway


Serial / USB Communications Connect Legacy Serial Assets with IIoT

RS-232 to RS-485 Converter


RS-232 to RS-422 Converter


USB to RS-422/485 Converter


Industrial USB 3.0 Hub


Industrial Computers Enable edge computing to enhance IoT deployment

Edge Controller


Operator Panel


Operator Panel


Edge IoT Gateway

UNO-2271G V2

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