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APAX Controllers

Advantech’s APAX-5000 series is the new generation of PAC, integrating control, information processing, and networking in a single control system with a unique dual controller architecture and 100Mbps real-time local I/O bus speed, fulfilling the needs of mission-critical automation applications.
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1-ch TTL/RS-422 Encoder/Counter Module
  1. Overflow/underflow detection
  2. Latch counter value
  3. Reset counter value
  4. Set counter value
  5. Input filter
  6. Position compare output
  7. Reversion of A/B phase Input
  8. Frequency measurement (Pulse Input)
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Power Supply for APAX Expansion Module
  1. High Power transmission efficiency of over 88% from AC input to DC output
  2. Offer 72 Watt for APAX CPU, coupler and I/O modules
  3. DIN-rail or wall mount installation
  4. Energy Star compliance
  5. UL 508 certification
  6. 4242 VDC Isolation Protection
  7. Output over voltage protection
  8. Over load protection and short circuit protection (auto-recover mode)


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