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Digital IO

Advantech APAX-5000 digital input/output modules are equipped with high density 24 channels, isolation, shirt circuit protection , failure protection functions and hot swap functionality to increase the utilization rate of the module and provide a reliable system.
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24-ch Digital Input Module
  1. Supports both sink and source type input
  2. Rated voltage input value: 24 VDC
  3. ±70 VDC over voltage protection
  4. Input characteristic curve according to IEC 61131, type 1
  5. Each digital channel has its own status LED
  6. Isolation between channels and backplane


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24-ch Digital Output Module
  1. Voltage Range: 8 ~ 35 VDC
  2. Short circuit protection
  3. Thermal shutdown protection
  4. Each digital channel has its own status LED
  5. Isolation between channels and backplane


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20-channel Source Type Digital Output Module
  1. Thermal Shutdown Protection
  2. Short Circuit Protection
  3. 2,500 VDC Isolation Between Channels and Backplane


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CIRCUIT MODULE, 24-ch Relay Output Module
  1. Relay type: Form A (SPST)
  2. Contact Rating: 5 A @ 250 VAC, 5 A @ 30 VDC
  3. Each digital channel has its own status LED
  4. Isolation between channels and backplane bus


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4/8-ch High Speed Counter Module
  1. Supports multiple operating modes: 1.Up mode 2.Up/Down mode 3.Pulse/Direction mode 4.A/B Phase mode 5.Frequency mode
  2. 4 or 8 counter channels depends on operating modes
  3. 32-bit counter range with 1 bit overflow/underflow
  4. 1 MHz counter frequency
  5. 4 digital input channels with counter gate functionality
  6. 4 digital output channels with counter alarm output functionality
  7. Over voltage, short circuit and thermal protection design


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