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Intelligent Medical Carts

The AMiS medical cart series was designed to optimize the provision of patient care and allow mobile point-of-care service.
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Medical Cart, Battery Powered with Motorized Adjustable Height
  1. Medical grade certified with IEC60601-1 compliance
  2. IPX1 rated for superior infection control
  3. Up to 10-hour battery runtime with 420Wh power supply
  4. Customizable workstation on wheels accessories such as medication boxes, glove compartments, baskets, waste bins, and more
  5. 30kg load capacity with motorized height adjustment
  6. AMiS_Link remote management software to monitor battery performance
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Telehealth Cart (Integrated with AIO PC, Speakerphone, PTZ Camera)
  1. Highly integrated all-in-one PC and powered cart for telehealth/telemedicine applications
  2. PTZ Camera with 18X total zoom and Full HD 1080p 60fps resolution
  3. All-in-one PC with 21.5" wide touch screen and Intel Core i CPU for high performance
  4. 30kg load capacity with electronic lift for height adjustment
  5. IPX1-rated for superior infection control
  6. 8-10 hours battery life allows medical staff to finish work in a complete shift without recharging
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