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Fleet Management Solution

Advantech in-vehicle computing box satisfy all the carrier’s requirements. With its rugged aluminum enclosure, the system is tolerant to vibration, dust water, and supports a wide operating temperature, making it ideal for extreme in-vehicle environment. The DC power is designed to handle power on/off delay functions allow voltage stabilization when starting the engine. Equipped with flexible communication technology, such as IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, GPS and LTE enabling real-time data transmission.
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LoRa Temp/RH Sensor, StoreVue CCM software
  1. Precise temperature control during preservation
  2. Fast wireless installation enables rapid deployment
  3. High-quality, reliable, and easy-to-maintain IoT devices
  4. Data digitization, status visualization
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TREK-306P2, 10.4" XVGA PCAP Smart Display
  1. Vehicle-grade 10" (4:3) XGA TFT LCD with projected capacitive touchscreen
  2. 1000 nits High brightness/ 500 nits brightness
  3. Five user-programmable function keys
  4. One Mic-in / Two 2-watt speakers
  5. Built-in light sensor for automatic dimming
  6. Easily installed and paired with TREK computing box via a single-cable connection
  7. Extended I/O ports (USB 2.0 Type A, power button and reset button) for easy TREK computing box maintenance
  8. Wide working temperature range (-30 ~ 70 °C)
  9. Smart Display port 2.0, smaller connector, thinner cable, longer length and easy connect/disconnect
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