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SQR-UD4N32G2K6SNME 288-pin Dual In-Line Memory Module

  1. 288-pin Dual In-Line Memory Module
  2. Data Transfer Rate: 2133/2400/2666 MT/z
  3. Capacity: 2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB
  4. Wide Temperature can be support: 0°C ~ 85°C
  5. JEDEC Compliance
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Reliable industrial grade solutions
  • Adopts original DRAM IC
  • Strictly Undergo the humidity test and the burned-in test program-extreme 48hrs high/low temperature test.
The exclusive SQRAM Management software utility monitors DRAM operating statuses in real-time
In order to stabilize system management and status monitoring, an SQR function conveys DRAM operating information — such as speed, system-loading capacity, and operating temperature — to avoid overheating and corresponding shutdowns. Additionally, SQR delivers pre-deployment alert services designed to notify users of abnormalities.
Cloud and on-premises software are ready for different applications, allowing users to monitor and manage the DRAM operating status though cloud portal and on-premise device.
  • Check the SQRAM real-time capacity, lifespan and performance. Experience the beneficial features of DeviceOn/SQ Manager now:
  • How to trigger temperature alarm?
  • It’s important to monitor health of DRAM modules to prevent overall system issues. Learn about how SQRAM Manager tool makes memory monitoring easier in each device without internet.
Highly compatible with multiple industrial market platforms
Highly compatible with multiple industrial market platforms Advantech conducts multi-generation CPU platform compatibility tests to ensure reliable DRAM operation. SQRAM is designed for AIOT, edge computing and industrial market applications. This memory solution is designed for medical, edge computing, outdoor kiosk, automation, and defense applications.
  • Medical
  • Edge computing
  • Outdoor KIOSK
  • Automation
  • Defense
What does Advantech bring to the table?
Advantech’s industrial memory solution, SQR, delivers module solutions, technical support, and excellent longevity. In addition, SQRAM features innovative SQRAM Manager software that delivers real-time DRAM operating information to users.
  • Advantech’s SQRAM
    Others’ DRAM
  • Speed
  • DRAM Chips
    Original IC
    Not original IC
  • Technical support
    Worldwide branch direct support
    Replacement support without analysis
  • Fixed BOM
    No support
  • Burn-in tests
    48 hrs high-low temperature test
    Non- support real chamber test
    (static test only)
  • Key feature
    DRAM real time temperature monitoring (Exclusive)
    temperature / speed / production record
    No support
  • Customization
    No support
  • Fixed BOM longevity
    3 years
    No support
Product spec
  • SQRAM model
  • Pins/DIMM
    288-pin UDIMM
  • Category
  • Clock Speed
    2666 MHz
  • Capacity
    16 GB
  • Operational Temperature
    0 ~ 85℃
  • Gold plating on PCB
  • Voltage
    1.2 V +/- 0.06 V
  • Dimensions(mm)
Advantech’s embedded system reliability enhancement and customization services ensure DRAM operation stability in critical environments
  • Material: Acrylics/Silicone provided by renown coating supplier HumiSeal
  • Precise conformability with uniform thickness between .03 ~.13 mm
  • Resistance to water, corrosion, and acid/base substances
  • Delivers outstanding protection against various mechanical strains such as shock, drop and vibration to solder joints
  • Improved product quality and lifespan
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