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at the forefront of the semiconductor industry

  • Downtime during semiconductor manufacturing operation can cost millions of dollars per hour. Memory and SSD solutions with superior performance and high duration can play an essential role in ensuring stable operation. As an increasing amount of data needs to be processed with much higher performance, 5G and AI technology help address problems related to slow and conservative industrial markets. Advantech helps our clients select the best memory and SSD products in the development of countless electronic devices.
    • How can evolving DRAM technology drive manufacturing infrastructure in the semiconductor industry?

      When used in test machines, SQR delivered high-speed DDR4 3200 high-capacity 32GB DRAM with ECC (Error Correction Code) functions. It helped machines function smoothly, and improved inspection capabilities during the production of key components. Indeed, it identified missing parts, soldering holes, misalignment, and mounting problems.

      • Benefits:Improve inspection precision capabilities
      • Industry:DRAM manufacturing factory
      • Region:Japan
      • Solutions:ECC SODIMM DDR4 3200 32GB
    • DDR5 DRAM technology enables control systems to precisely process mass data

      Semiconductor control centers operate on 24/7 basis. Consequentially, their testing equipment needs to process mass data while keeping production logs. Advantech SQRAM solutions deliver the stability, speed, and capacity needed to ensure optimum system performance and consistent production.

      • Benefits:Maximize system performance
      • Industry:Semiconductor test equipment
      • Region:Europe
      • Solutions:RDIMM DDR5 4800 32GBx4 kit
  • SQRAM is an excellent choice for applications within the semiconductor industry

    DRAM chips
    Technical support
    Fixed BOM
    Wide temperature
    Software integrated
    Key feature
    Advantech_SQRAM Brand X Brand Y Brand Z
    DIMM / RDIMM /
    VLP / Rugged DIMM
    / RDIMM
    D1/D2/D3/D4/D5 D1/D2/D3/D4 D3/D4 D3/D4
    Samsung / Hynix / Micron Samsung / Micron Samsung / Package IC (ETT/UTT) Package IC(ETT/UTT) / Micron
    Branch office direct support Support Support Refurbishing replacement
    Support Support By request Non-support
    -20~85°C / -40~85°C / -40-125°C -40 ~ 85 °C -40 ~ 85 °C Non-support
    Support with DRAM temperature / speed / production Speed only Non-support Non-support
    DRAM real-time temperature monitoring (Exclusive) Non-support Non-support Non-support
    Strict test: WT 48hrs burn-in; humidity test
    Military level certificate: MIL-810G
    Non humidity test Static test Non-support
    support By project By MOQ/project Non-support
    3 years - Non-support Non-support
    • “DDR5 will enable the next generation of compute and edge workloads by delivering greater than 85% increase in memory performance compared with prior generation. DDR5 doubles memory density while improving reliability. Applications such as intelligent gateways, industrial PCs, and AI-accelerated network appliances seek to leverage rapidly growing processor core counts with increased memory bandwidth and capacity.”
    • “Through our collaboration with Advantech, we are together delivering solutions that meet the industrial market’s demands for robustness, high quality, longevity and wide temperature ratings for the most demanding applications. Advantech’s launch of their SQRAM DDR5 solution based on Micron’s DDR5 embedded memory component is another tangible example of both Micron and Advantech’s commitment to industrial customers.”
    ----- David Henderson, Micron’s director of industrial and multi-market segment.
  • Advantech solutions meet demands for semiconductor equipment

    Advantech entered the SSD and memory business decades ago. We aim to provide more secure data storage solutions for our partners. Indeed, the SQ in SQFlash and SQRAM stands for secure.

    • Robotic Arms
      Deliver repeatable and accurate production

      Robotic arms are replacing human labor due to their speed and efficiency. Such solutions improve production efficiency while reducing costs and streamlining production.

      Benefits:Improve inspection precision capabilities
    • High-speed SMT machine
      Stable 24/7 high-speed productivity

      Stability and reliable quality is essential in 24/7 semiconductor production. High-speed productivity SMT machines can improve factory production capacity and efficiency.

      Benefits:Stable memory improves system performance during assembly.
    • Vision Inspection Equipment
      Precision quality control

      Test equipment often uses AIO, X-ray, or solder paste inspection to ensure production quality. High-precision test equipment is a powerful support tool for process development, process monitoring, and rework operation refinement.

      Benefits:Leveraging DRAM with Error correction code (ECC) functions improves system accuracy. This solution delivers the high-capacity needed to improve visual photo viewing without latency.
    • Control Center
      Superior system performance

      Excellent, highly-efficient system for mass data processing helps manage abnormal occurrences. Predict machine health status, and detect problems before they arise. Solve problems promptly to ensure normal factory production.

      Benefits:Maximum 64GB capacity utilizes system data process capabilities. High-speed performance empowers efficient system data processing
  • SQFlash & SQRAM Advantages

    • Superior performance

      DDR5 3200MT/s Up to 64GB

    • Software tools

      Intelligent real-tim monitoring.
      Remote & on-premise health prediction.

    • Customization service

      Conformal coating, underfill, and controller FW fine tuning.

    • Technical support

      Dedicated engineering team and controller backend consultation

    • Longevity

      Partner contract commitment

  • FAQ

    • What SQR DDR5 form factors are available?
      Advantech SQR provides a comprehensive product portfolio which includes SODIMM (SQR-SD5N), UDIMM (SQR-UD5N), ECC DIMM (SQR-SD5(E), RDIMM (SQR-RD5N), and rugged DIMM (SQR-YD5N). The entire product series features wide temperature DDR5.
    • Are there any wide temperature DDR5 solutions?
      Advantech SQR provides two extended temperature range solutions for critical applications. One has a -20 ~ 85 °C temperature range for industrial fanless system in the edge server market. The other solution has a -40 ~ 85 °C temperature range for critical military and/or outdoor applications. To ensure reliability and stability, Advantech platforms are tested in an in-house lab according to strict test program standards.
    • What are the test environments and programs?
      Advantech’s SQR-SD5N underwent testing at Advantech’s in house QA LAB. This testing regimine comprised thermal simulation, strict power cycling, burn-in program, and server chamber tests using both 12th Gen Intel® platforms and Advantech P/S series platforms.
    • How does Advantech ensure the compatibility of SQR DDR5 modules?
      Advantech’s SQR-SD5N underwent testing at Advantech’s in house QA LAB. This testing regimine comprised thermal simulation, strict power cycling, burn-in program, and server chamber tests using both 12th Gen Intel® platforms and Advantech P/S series platforms.
    • Are there samples available for testing?
      Diverse compatibility tests ensure the compatibility, reliability, and quality of Advantech’s SQRAM DDR5 series. SQR solutions are tested with numerous Advantech platforms — including our selection of industrial embedded motherboards, enterprise series workstations, critical transportation fan less box PCs, and medical solutions designed for diverse vertical markets.
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