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Advantech Tackles Robotic Challenges with Multi-Temperature Range of SSD and DRAM Solutions
  • Robots are playing an ever-increasing role in manufacturing. Despite their application in environments with wide ambient temperatures — for example those found in outdoor applications or cold chain logistics — ensuring heavy-writing SSD and DRAM perform stably is essential. Indeed, extreme or abnormally high temperatures can impact data retention severely and speed up data leakage rates. Advantech SQFlash and SQRAM are verified to adhere to rigorous thermal stress tests. They are stable and reliable, high-quality solutions that fulfill the demands of diverse critical industries.

    • Extreme Environment Testing

      SQFlash & SQRAM solutions pass 24-hour high/low temperature stress tests for stable disk functionality

      DRAM Strict Testing Program
      • 1. Test temperature: 125 °C
      • 2. Test times: 24 hrs
      • 3. Test software: Running MemTest 4.0 pro test programs in Win10 (64bit)
    • Industrial Memory & Storage:
    • Robots in Cold Chain Logistics

      Working in a cold chain factory requires a high level of safety awareness. Likewise, robots require automated climate control systems capable of running for long periods of time. Advantech’s SQ solutions enable robots to meet these challenges while maintaining temperatures.

      • SQF-S25 650-D
        • Industrial 2.5" case built with heat resistant material
        • Low-power consumption with stable performance
      • SQR-SD4I
        • Minus temperature support -40 °C
        • Conformal coating addresses humidity challenges
    • Assembly Line Robots

      Robots continue to evolve — offering greater functionality, flexibility, and range of motion. Assembly line robots are expected to operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This creates challenges related to operating accurately at high-speed. Advantech SQ products with ECC functions can detect mistakes without consuming excessive computing resources.

      • SQF-SM8 840-D
        • Light M.2 2280 with excellent flexibility
        • Low-power consumption with stable performance
      • SQR-SD5N
        • High-speed data transfer rate of 4800 MT/s
        • Intelligent software supports real-time information
    • Robotic System for Automated Boiler Welding

      Robots that operate at high speeds often become extremely hot. This can reduce the accuracy of work, especially in heavy industrial applications like mining or smelters. Advantech SQRAM solutions support operation in extreme environments and address heat issues via 125 °C temperature support.

      • SQF-MM5 M1A
        • Reliable low-power consumption solution
        • External high-temperature support (105 °C)
      • SQR-SD4E
        • Extreme high temperature range (125 °C)
        • Supports overheat alert software
    • Delivery Robots

      Delivery robots designed for outdoor applications need to withstand harsh environments conditions like rain and snow; and shock, vibration, and changing temperatures. Advantech SQ extended temp solutions support -20 ~ 85 °C to ensure thesmooth operation.

      • SQF-SMS 650-D
        • Valuable mSATA solution for industrial applications
      • SQR-SD4M
        • Extended temperature -20 ~ 85 °C
        • Supports DRAM operating temperature monitoring
  • Intelligent Temperature Monitoring

    DeviceOn/SQ manager — a smart software utility that secures data 24/7 for advanced stability and security.

    • Real-time DRAM operating information
    • DRAM overheat alert
    • SSD healthy status information
    • Easily track DRAM/SSD production records
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