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Embedded IoT Gateways

To meet demands for fast IoT interoperability, security, and manageability, Advantech has released a series of Intel-based IoT Gateway Starter kits, and the UTX family. Together they offer fanless IoT platforms with onboard IoT software to connect and transport data from the edge to the cloud.
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COMPUTER SYSTEM, EIS-D150 Intel i5-6300U 64G SSD 4G memory Win10
  1. Integrated hardware and software aids edge-to-cloud application development
  2. Preconfigured system: High-performance computing powered by 6th Generation Intel® Core™ U-series i5, WES7E/Win 10 with 4 GB RAM, 64 GB SSD
  3. Pre-integrated WISE-PaaS software package: WISE-PaaS/RMM, WISEPaaS/OTA, WISE-PaaS/Security, WebAccess/SCADA, WebAccess/IMM, and WebAccess/HMI
  4. Preconfigured Microsoft Azure service: Device management package/data intelligence package (optional)
  5. Comprehensive developer tools and documents: Node-RED dataflow logic designer, dashboard builder, protocol plug-in SDK, and configuration tools


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