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21.5 ” Self-Service Kiosk UTK-7121
Customize Your Own Solutions

We have spent countless hours perfecting every detail of the UTK-7121 self-service kiosk to provide an optimized system that can be customized to your applications.

    • Food Ordering and Payment
    • Virtual Receptionist
    • Self Check-In
    • Queuing System
    • Self-checkout
    • Pick and Collect Service
    • Registration
  • Product Highlights
    Rotating Mount for Easy Cable Management

    Keep wires out of sight for a neat appearance with the rotating mount and cable organizer.

    Modular Design for Custom Configuration

    The kiosk’s modular components allow flexible customization and convenient upgrades for specific applications.

    High-Performance Computing with Multiple OS Support
  • Convenient Expansion with Diverse Peripherals

    Numerous optional peripherals for expanding the system functionalities

    • 5M Camera

      Facial recognition applications

    • RFID Reader

      Access control by RFID

    • Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

      Membership verification by card swiping

    • Smart Card Reader

      Identity verification by chip reading

    • 1D/2D Barcode Reader

      Barcode scanning for data verification

    • Epson TM-T88V Printer

      Modular printer for easy installation

  • 5 Benefits of the UTK-7121 Self-Service Kiosk
    • 1. Reduced ordering time
    • 2. Reduced labor cost
    • 3. Ensures order accuracy
    • 4. Facilitates targeted upselling
    • 5. Improves customer satisfaction
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