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Serial Converters / Isolators / Repeaters: ULI-200 Series

The Advantech ULI-200 series offers a complete line of serial-serial and serial-fiber converters as well as
isolated repeaters, surge suppressors, data taps, and data splitter products to choose from, including options
for harsh-duty Class 1/Division 2 oil & gas and IEC 61850-3 substation applications.

RS-232 Port-powered / Battery /
External PSU Power Options

  • Port-powered RS-232, with optional power via external power supply.
  • Broadest selection of RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 serial connectivity
    devices in the industry.
  • Serial repeaters and extenders increase the range of your devices.

Surge / ESD / Isolation / Wide Temperature for Heavy-duty Applications

  • 2 kV isolation against transients, surges, ground loops.
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40° to +80°C).
  • Serial surge suppressors protect from damaging power surges.
Hazardous Area Certification for Substations

IEC 61850-3 Certified

A Complete Set of Products That Cover Substation Communications.

Serial to Fiber Converters
Serial to Serial Converter
Serial Repeaters / Isolators
Hazardous Area Certification
for Oil & Gas Applications

C1D2 Certified

Serial & USB Communication Protection in Hazardous Areas.

Serial to Fiber Converters
USB Converters and Hubs
Serial Repeaters / Isolators
Serial to Serial Converter

ULI-200 Serial to Fiber Optic Converters

Applications: Substation Management

ULI series fiber to serial converters can extend and interconnect RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 communications lines, creating a larger conglomerate serial network and isolation between substations.

ULI-200 Serial to Serial Converters
with Powered Ports

Applications: Factory Management

ULI series port powered converters such as ULI-226D can receive power without using an external PSU, which simplifies the wiring process.

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