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Learn how to design ePaper to fit various applications

in 10 minutes

  • What is DeviceOn/ePaper?
    DeviceOn/ePaper is a device management platform to compliance with all sizes of ePaper selling from Advantech. It helps users to transfer data into image and transmit onto ePaper. In addition, it follows users’ request to manage ePaper device
    Course Trailer

    You will receive the link for the on-demand course after you place an order online

    Course includes
    • Monitor ePaper device status
    • Through static and dynamic data to create ePaper
    • Unique functions from Advantech in image generator, including show condition and dithering
    You will learn
    • Monitor ePaper devices with DeviceOn/ePaper
    • Import data and device binding
    • Operate image generator
    • Free Cloud Storage (free for 1 month)
  • Who should take this course?
    • Company who is willing to enhance ESG
    • Company who is willing to make data visible
    • Company who is willing to request 2-ways communication between device and system
    • Beginners who would like to understand more knowledge of ePaper
  • Instructor
    Joanna Liu
    Product Manager
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8:30 ~ 17:30

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