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Advantech WebAccess, as the core of Advantech’s IoT solution, is the first Client/Server/Browser based configurable SCADA software for industrial automation and IoT application. Advantech is also inviting numerous third-party software providers to join its WebAccess sharing platform to develop a wide range of solutions to enrich the software offerings and satisfy customer needs.
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KW Multiprog Pro v5.35 (128k bytes I/O, Win7 32-bit support)
  1. IEC 61131-3 programming languages
  2. Intuitive programming with a clear project structure
  3. Cross-compiling: FBD, LD and IL can be cross-compiled to each other
  4. Multi user functionality shortens programming time
  5. Online program download
  6. Download Change Function
  7. Advantech FBs Support (Auto-Tuning PID, Batch Control)
  8. To download a full-function free 30-day trial of KW Multiprog Pro v5.35, Click Here.


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Cabinet controller, CODESYS RTE with SoftMotion + Visualization (Target and Web)
  1. Open controller with real-time fieldbus control
  2. Reduces downtime with powerful visualization management
  3. Flexible integration with diverse database connectivity options


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COMPUTER SYSTEM, WOP-3070T-C4AE, 1500 tags, 512MB SD, WinCE6.0
  1. Industrial 6.5"~21.5" TFT LCD Panel with 50K Lifetime LED backlight
  2. Durable 5-wire resistive / capacitive touch screen
  3. True-flat IP66 certified front panel protection
  4. 32GB industrial CFast card installed in standard series
  5. Microsoft Windows Embedded 7 Pro 64-bit installed in standard series
  6. Supports iDoor technology for diverse applications (optional accessory required)
  7. Includes HMI Runtime 1500 tags
  8. Supports 450 industrial communication protocol and drivers for PLC/devices


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