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High Density GPU Cards
Supports up to 5 GPU cards in 1U server and 10 GPU cards in 4U server. Features high-efficiency and high-performance computing.
Thermal Management
A specially designed fan increases air flow and pressure for cooling the numerous GPU cards with better acoustic.
Comprehensive AI Solutions
Provides a full range of AI solutions: from backend storage and training servers to front end inference systems.
Remote Management
The intelligent platform management interface enables users to monitor sensors and receive alerts in the event of any failures.
AI in Traffic Monitoring
SKY-6100 AI inference server receives metadata from all edge AI systems and monitors all traffic conditions through deep learning models. If any abnormal situations occur, the AI server can recognize it and manage the traffic lights adaptively.
AI in Video Surveillance System
TO process all video information in station, multiple NVIDIA GPU cards were integrated into a single server. SKY-6400 has an industrial design and are NVQual certified to guarantee AI computing performance. It's highly reliable AI video monitoring system for passenger and railway station safety.
High-Density GPU Server for AI-Heavy Training
4U rackmount server supports up to 10 double deck GPU cards. 12x 2.5” and 3.5” swappable bays at the front support the greatest possible capacity and efficiency of storage.
1U 5 GPU cards
AI inference server
2U 4 GPU cards
AI hybrid server
4U 4 GPU cards
AI training server
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