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It’s been two years since the WannaCry virus spread rapidly across the globe. Recently, Microsoft released patches for its Windows OS addressing critical vulnerabilities that could be exploited to spread wormable malware in a similar manner to WannaCry. It’s extremely likely that malicious actors are reverse engineering the patches so they can deliver weaponized cyberattacks in the near future. Aside from applying the patches as soon as possible, what else should be done to protect critical data?
Move OS to
Windows IoT 10
  Protect Data from
Viruses and Malware
  Back Up Full
System in 2 Clicks
  Windows Defender     Application Control     Easy Backup Solution
Cloud-delivered protection
Always-on scanning
Smart protection updates
Protection against zero-day attacks
Proactive protection
Full image backup
Disk and partitions backup
  Unified Write Filter (UWF)     Change Control     Powerful Recovery Options
Clean experience after devices reboot 
Reduce wear on SSDs or other write-sensitive media
Access right-who, when, what
Prevent out-of-policy changes
Disk/partition cloning
Universal restoration
Secure Your IoT Devices Right Away
Windows 10 IoT
Enterprise Entry
McAfee Embedded Security (Whitelisting)
Acronis Backup and
Recovery Solution
Windows 10 IoT
Enterprise Value
Windows 10 IoT
Enterprise High End
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the Proper Selection?
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