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Advantech’s UCAM smart counting cameras are embedded with video analytics for people counting accuracy and reliability. It measures the number of people passing by and customer entering your store. The collected data will be upload to cloud directly, and authorized users can then view the counting result on Advantech’s UShop+ Store BI report. The UCAM series supports power over ethernet as well as API for easy data integration.


  • Stereo camera
  • 3D depth technology
  • Immune to shadow and reflection
  • 95% – 98% accuracy
    • 2D single lens
    • Human head detection
    • Low cost & easy installation
    • 85%-95% accuracy
    Intel Market Ready Solution
    Advantech UShop+ is an Intel® Market Ready Solution which is evaluated and immediately ready for sale. These solutions have already been vetted in the marketplace and are supported by fully developed service and support programs, providing customers with the benefit of reduced risk and accelerated time to market.
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