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Limited Time Offer--Latest Acronis Series
    •        Acronis True Image OEM        2021 Personal

               Add On: US$10
    •         Acronis True Image               2021 Standard

                 Add On: US$42
    •      Acronis True Image OEM      2021 For Windows Server

            Add On: US$116
How to Enjoy this Add-On Promotion?
You can add on Acronis Software at the Product Page under Recommended Peripherals
Plenty of Reasons for Perpetual Customers to Upgrade
  • 1 Integrated anti-malware protection
  • 2 Integrated licensing, UI, management & technology
  • 3 Cloud storage with remote access
  • 4 Blockchain notarization
  • 5 One solution with unmatched simplicity
  • 6 Enhanced support and cloud upgrades
#1 Cyber protection solution
Key Features
    • Easy
    • Integrated licensing, UI, management, and technology
    • Visual, intuitive interface
    • Set-and-forget backups
    • Comprehensive protection
    • Anywhere access
    • Efficient
    • Flexible backups: full-scale, folders, file-level, and mobile
    • Fast recovery to the same or new hardware
    • Automatic local-to-cloud backup replication
    • CPU load balancing
    • Resumable replication and validation of the latest version
    • Secure
    • Anti-ransomware, and cryptojacking protection
    • Real-time malware protection
    • Scanning on-demand and by schedule
    • WebEx/Zoom protection
    • Web filtering

Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Acronis Active Protection
Actively protect your data from ransomware and other threats with instant backup and instant restore
Users Can Fully Defend Their Digital Lives
  • Home Users
    Mike , 35
    Hobby photographer Family guy
    Safeguarding what’s important is as easy as ABC
    • Full image backups protect everything so he can recover anything – photos, files, and system configurations
    • Minimal maintenance and two-click setup means less computer time, more family time
    • Visual dashboard allows him to control his family’s data from anywhere
  • Prosumers
    David , 29
    Freelance Developer
    Peace-of-mind knowing work won’t be disrupted
    • Zero downtime backup with instant recovery keeps him productive
    • AI-based defenses detect and stop malware from infecting or locking his files
    • On-demand malware scanning and flexible backups work according to his schedule
  • Small Biz Owners (<5 seats)
    Ian , 32
    Entrepreneur (SMB <5)
    Enterprise-grade yet efficient personal cyber protection
    • All account info and notifications in one place for easy, instant access
    • His company’s valuable device data and backups are all protected from malware
    • A single, continuously updated solution with affordable subscription plans helps to control costs
Key Feature Comparison
  • Feature
    Acronis True Image Standard
    Acronis Ture Image OEM Personal
    Acronis Ture Image OEM HD
    Acronis Ture Image Date Protection
  • Full disk Image
  • Active disk cloning
  • Files & folders backup
  • Up to three time faster
  • Incremental and Differential backups
  • Active Protection™ (Cryptomining Blocker expand in TI19)
  • Disk management
  • Allin one survival kit
  • Archiving
  • Backup scheduling
  • Password protection (AES-256 encryption)
  • Ability to configure network setting in WinPE bootable media
  • Universal restore (on bare-metal or another hardware)
  • Al based anti-ransomware protection (NAS/network shared)
  • Restores
    Up to 10x
    faster than the competition
  • Stopped over
    ransomware attacks last year
  • Trusted by
    5.5 million
    individual users worldwide
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