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Benefit From an Upgrade to SQFlash 3D sTLC SSD

Advantech’s SQFlash SSD solutions deliver improved endurance, 30K+ Program/Erase cycle, and advanced reliability. These resilient solutions leverage innovative 3D sTLC technology to empower critical applications in heavy industry, mining applications, and railway systems. SQFlash SSD is designed to last!

  • What is

    Single-bit TLC (sTLC) is a NAND flash technology that is 10x more durable than regular industrial MLC and TLC SSD solutions. Advantech's series of solutions features next-generation BiCS 3D NAND technology and comprises 3D sTLC devices from 8GB to 2TB.

    • 30,000+ Program / Erase Cycles
      This SSD delivers excellent durability using 3D sTLC technology. It enables SQFlash to reach 30K program/erase cycles — 10X higher than MLC and general 3D TLC.
    • 3X the Performance
      Superior reliability!
      Single bit structure yields a 3 fold boost in write performance.
    • -40~85°C extended operating temperature
      Fulfills rugged application requirements in environments with broad temperature ranges.

  • SSD Endurance Test
  • MLC vs. 3D sTLC
    • MLC
      3D sTLC
    • NAND Structure
      Planner (2D) 15nm
      96 layers 3D NAND
    • Endurance
      3,000 P/E cycles
      30,000 P/E cycles
    • Temperature
      Ta 0 ~ 70 °C /-40~ 85 °C
      Ta 0 ~ 70 °C /-40 ~ 85 °C
    • Performance
    • Power consumption
    • Cost/Trend
      BiCS4 sTLC is about 5% lower than MLC at this moment
    • Non stock NAND LT
      16 weeks
      8 ~ 12 weeks
    • Longevity
    3D sTLC — Competitively Priced, Highly-Durable Solutions
    • SLC
    • Storage
      1 bit/cell
      1 bit/cell
      2 bit/cell
    • P/E cycles (3D sTLC/TLC with LDPC and RAID ECC)
    • Life Cycle
      Legacy, obsolescence
    • BiCS 3D sTLC
      BiCS 3D TLC
    • Storage
      1 bit/cell
      3 bit/cell
    • P/E cycles (3D sTLC/TLC with LDPC and RAID ECC)
    • Life Cycle
      Mainstream, good availability
  • Edge to Cloud Intelligent Monitoring via
    Advantech’s DeviceOn/SQ Manager software utility is compatible with all our storage and memory modules. This software utility enables remote SSD monitoring and management at any time from any place. DeviceOn/SQ Manager helps manage security features, enhances maintenance efficiency, and augments overall system stability — helping SQFlash deliver real-time capacity, a long lifespan, and performance monitoring. Follow this link and find out what DeviceOn/SQ Manager can do for you:
  • Advantech 3D sTLC SSD Options

    SQF 640
    SQF 840
    SQF 720
    SQF 920
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