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The Future of Green Energy
Wireless ePaper Technology for Environmental Sustainability
  • Balance Working Efficiency With Quality of Life

    ESG considerations are growing in importance. In an effort to reduce carbon emissions, Advantech is building Wireless ePaper Solutions to help our customers integrate paperless working models. Advantech ePaper solutions are designed for co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and bedside cards. They feature large screens capable of conveying detailed information via fast data transmission. These solutions are compatible with Outlook Exchange & Microsoft 365. They feature ultra-low power consumption capabilities with a standby mode support of 5 years. Learn more >>

  • ePaper Video Channel
    • DeviceOn/ePaper

      Numerous ePaper Applications

    • Advantech x E Ink

      Smart Factory Solutions

    • Webinar

      Warehouse and Logistics

  • Why Use Advantech EPD?
    • Ultra-Low Power

      Efficient power-saving design

    • Fast Transmission

      Updates 10,000 ePaper devices in one hour

    • 2-Way Communication

      End devices report data accuracy, battery levels, and abnormal statuses

    • Centralized DeviceOn/ePaper

      Visual user interface and RESTful APIs for integration

  • Wireless ePaper Solutions
    • Smart Warehouses and Factories
      • EPD-210
      • EPR-210
      • EPD-230, 232
      • 2.9” EPD in red/black/white
      • Excellent roaming and transmission performance
      • NFC/ZigBee-like technology
    • Smart Meeting Rooms
      • EPD-332
      • EPD-333
      • WISE-3240
      • 5.6” EPD in red/black/white or other colors
      • Excellent roaming and transmission performance
      • ZigBee-like technology
    • Smart Buildings and Hospitals
      • EPD-660, 662
      • WISE-3220
      • 13.3” EPD in red/black/white
      • Supports Wi-Fi and easy installation without power cables
      • Ultra-low power consumption with 8-month battery life (3 times/day)
    • Smart Public Transportation
      • EPD-770, 780 EPM-880
      • 13”x2/ 31.2” EPD-770/780 bus information board
      • 13”x2/ 31.2” EPD in black/ white
      • Sunlight readable for outdoor applications
      • No power needed during natural disasters
  • Advantech ePaper vs the Competition
    Advantech Industrial ePaper Consumer ePaper
    Power Capacity EPD-333 with 2480 mAh
    EPD-662 with 13620 mAh
    Small (battery capacity around 400mAh)
    Roaming Excellent quality with high-frequency updates and support for roaming via different routers One-time, weekly, or monthly updates
    Interface UI Multiple buttons and LEDs on the device. EPD server SW adaptable to different user scenarios No buttons or LED on device. The server SW cannot be adjusted or customized
    Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50 °C (32 ~ 122 °F) in-panel specs. 0 ~ 30 °C (32 ~ 86 °F) resulting in panel burnout within one year
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