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Programmable protocol gateways support multi-network connection for IT/OT integration

WISE-Edge365/EdgeLink IoT gateway software supports

OT drivers
WISE-Edge365/EdgeLink is an IoT gateway software designed to connect 200+ edge devices and different platforms. EdgeLink supports multiple protocols for unifying data sources, enhances data processing, and publishes data to mainstream platforms or other automation systems using cellular, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi networks, and VPN connections.

Connect to Field Devices

EdgeLink can connect to over 200 devices such as remote I/O, sensors, power meters, and PLC for data acquisition.

Connect to Machines

EdgeLink also supports proprietary protocols for acquiring data from HVAC, CNC machines, and OPCUA servers.

Connect to Cloud

EdgeLink unifies distributed data and publish to mainstream platforms such as Ignition, Microsoft Azure, AWS and Cumulocity.

Connect to SCADA / MES

EdgeLink transmits data to legacy automation systems including SCADA and MES using OPC UA, DNP3 and IEC-60870-5-104.

Edge Intelligence and More

EdgeLink enhances data processing, offers advanced networking capabilities, and reinforces data security.


EdgeLink is able to automate data transmission and establish communication between devices.

Protocol Conversion

EdgeLink is able to convert protocols between devices to establish communication and compatibility.

Data Logger

EdgeLink imports tags directly and logs data with timestamp, without the need for additional edits.


EdgeLink serves as an event hub, monitoring devices in the IoT system and notifying concerned parties of detected abnormalities via email or SMS.

Open Development Kit

EdgeLink supports Open Development Kit that provides users a programmatic access to software applications.


EdgeLink secures data conversion by supporting the functions of whitelisting, SSL encryption, data authority management and open VPN.

EdgeLink Unleashes the Power of IoT Gateways

Container-based Software Version

Applications running in container-based EdgeLink can be deployed easily to different operation systems and hardware platforms. EdgeLink container functions are different from hardware packaged solutions.

MQTT Topic and Payload Design

Customize topics and payload of MQTT for cloud data transfer and messaging.

Remote Operation & Maintenance with Azure

Remotely access gateways and download projects via Azure connection for further configuration.

Recommended IoT Gateways with EdgeLink

IoT gateways with built-in EdgeLink serve as a hub for data acquisition, storage, and processing. Advantech offers different categories of gateway powered by EdgeLink to help you enable edge intelligence.
These gateways support various protocols such as ODBC, MQTT, OPC UA, DNP3.0, IEC-104, and other PLC drivers.
x86-Based Industrial PC Supporting Container-Based EdgeLink
Model Description
UNO-2372G V2 Small-Size Modular Embedded Box PC with Intel® Celeron® J6412
UNO-2271G V2 Pocket-Size Edge IoT Gateway with intel® Celeron®N6210/Pentium® N6415
UNO-2484G V2 Modular Embedded Box PC with 11th gen Intel® Core™ i CPU
x86-Based Protocol Gateway with EdgeLink
Model Description
ESRP-CSS-UNO137 Intel® Atom® E3940 Small-Size Integrated DIN-Rail IPC with Azure IoT Edge and EdgeLink
ESRP-AWS-UNO137 Intel® Atom® E3940 Small-Size Integrated DIN-Rail IPC with AWS IoT Greengrass and EdgeLink
ESRP-CSS-U2372 Intel® Celeron® J3455 Small-Size Modular Embedded Box PC with Azure IoT Edge and EdgeLink
ESRP-AWS-U2372 Intel® Celeron® J3455 Small-Size Modular Embedded Box PC with AWS IoT Greengrass and EdgeLink
RISC-Based Protocol Gateway with EdgeLink
Model Description
ECU-150 i.MX8 High-Performance IIoT Gateway with 2 x LAN, 2 x COM, 1 x USB3.0
ECU-1252 TI Cortex A9 IIoT Gateway with 2 x CAN, 2 x LAN, 2 x COM
ECU-1251 TI Cortex A8 IIoT Gateway with 2 x LAN, 4 x COM
ECU-1051 TI Cortex A8 IIoT Gateway with 2 x LAN, 2 x COM
I/O Gateway with EdgeLink
Model Description
ECU-1251D TI Cortex A8 Intelligent I/O Gateway with 4DI/4DO
ESRP-PCS-ADAM6717 Intelligent I/O Gateway with 8AI/5DI/4DO
ESRP-PCS-ADAM6750 Intelligent I/O Gateway with 12DI/12DO
ESRP-PCS-ADAM6760D Intelligent I/O Gateway with 8SSR Relay/8DI
Cellular Router with EdgeLink (Coming Soon)
Model Description
ESRP-EDL-ICR3241W Industrial 4G Router to operate in North America
ESRP-EDL-ICR3231W Industrial 4G Router to operate in EMEA
ESRP-EDL-ICR3232W Industrial 4G Router to operate in Australia/New Zealand

Applications of EdgeLink

Equipment Connectivity

EdgeLink connects your devices and machines to the cloud, enabling the communication between equipment and factory systems. Once the connectivity is built, you can easily monitor machine performance, aggregate data across fields, and optimize business operations.

Distributed Asset Management

EdgeLink acquires data from distributed assets and transmits the data to cloud platforms, so you can remotely manage and analyze the data at any scale. It will assist your organization to enhance efficiency, and improve productivity and management capabilities.

Real-World Case Studies

Case Study Collection
A collection of success stories that help you understand how EdgeLink IoT gateway software is deployed in real-world scenarios.


EdgeLink Technical Documents
Download the documents to learn more about the functions of EdgeLink.

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